Posted on Aug 1, 2022

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What are Damages in Car Accident Cases?

Two types of damages can be awarded, general damages and special damages. Damages refer to the money awarded in a case.

General Damages
General damages include things like: When you file your claim, you are suing for negligence that caused damages to you and your belongings. But it isn’t that simple because there are several different damages to consider.

General damages encompass physical injuries to you. These do not include damages to personal property. Instead, the defendant must provide compensation for any pain and suffering that you feel.

- Loss of Consortium
- Pain and Suffering
- Disfigurement
- Mental Trauma
- Emotional damage

Anything that lowers your quality of life such as loss of enjoyment is liable to be under the umbrella of general damages.

Our experienced attorneys can quickly create an estimate for physical property. These damages are subjective, so they may take time to determine.

Special Damages
These include things such as property damage or medical costs. If your accident puts you in the hospital, then the defendant is responsible for covering any medical expenses you acquire while admitted.

Physical damages also include:
- Vehicle repairs
- Property damage
- Compensation for irreplaceable items

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