Posted on Sep 20, 2022

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Slow Down

No matter what you’re driving, the faster you go, the less time you have to react to your surroundings and potential hazards. Reaction times are especially important when you’re on a motorcycle.

Speeding can make it difficult to see an upcoming turn, so you enter the turn going too fast. If you hit your brakes too hard, you might fly over the handlebars.

If you try to ride through the corner, you could turn too hard, and your bike could slide out from under you. That’s why you should always obey speed limits and travel at speeds that allow you to use fixed objects like telephone poles to judge a road’s direction.

And you should never travel at speeds that give you little time to react to road hazards. One second could be the difference between maneuvering around a gap in the pavement or having an accident.

And if there is any rain or other inclement weather, you need to slow down even more because inclement weather puts you at a greater risk of a crash. Click learn more to read our previous post.

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