Posted on Jun 17, 2022

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An Accident Attorney Can Calculate the Full Value of Your Insurance Settlement

To receive fair compensation, you have to know how much financial compensation you deserve in the first place.

Calculating your economic and non-economic damages after an auto accident can be very complicated.

And since an insurance settlement is considered full and final payment for your expenses and losses, you need to be absolutely sure your calculations are accurate.

Trying to do this without a lawyer is extremely difficult, especially if you are also nursing accident injuries.

You will need to consider things like:

- The total value of your medical bills, including things like chiropractic treatment.
- Required medical devices, like crutches, a neck brace, or a wheelchair.
- The cost of your property damages
- Accumulated current and future lost wages
- A dollar amount for your pain and suffering

And since no two car accident cases are alike, yours may have additional costs that can be recovered from the at-fault driver or their insurer.

Your accident lawyer will help you accurately assign a monetary value to your compensation claim before the negotiation process begins.

This will help ensure that the at-fault driver and their insurance company do not undervalue your claim and that fault for the accident is accurately assigned.

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